Well, 2012 is here and we will just have to wait until the winter solstice on 21 December to see if the world will end.  Since the dawn of civilisation humans have worried about Armageddon and various scenarios of how the apocalypse might unfold.  Why not plan your end-of-the-world trip now!

The Mayan Long Count Calendar happens to end on 21 December this year, but apparently there is nothing concrete to show that this marks the end of the world.  Who knows, perhaps they simply got bored with all the carving and decided they had gone far enough into the future – or maybe they ran out of stone tablets.  NASA has firmly denied that there is any truth in the prophecies.  Many new-agers believe that 21 December will start a new era of enlightenment and, let’s face it, that can only be a good thing!

Some people believe the Earth will be hit by an asteroid, resulting in reversal of the poles.  Other theories involve alien invasions, fires, floods, solar flares, killer viruses and nuclear war, to name just a few.  End-of-the-world dates proclaimed by false prophets over centuries have come to nothing; despite this they persist,  and are sent scurrying into hiding once again with their trusty sandwich boards.  Hollywood has churned out plenty of made-to-frighten-us films to keep us all guessing.  We do love a good scare, don’t we!

Which camp are you in?  Planning a 2012 party and inviting everyone you know, or  busy kitting out a bunker?  A more productive plan might be to get out your bucket list and go on the dream trip of a lifetime!  In fact, why not take the opportunity to go backpacking to the source in Guatemala or to Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula and visit the temples, ruins and sites of the ancient Maya?  With the focus of 2012 on this area of the world it is certainly great for Mexico’s tourism industry, as well as Guatemala, Belize and many other beautiful countries and destinations in Central America.

It’s no secret that certain travel dates are cheaper and easier to book, such as 9/11, Christmas Day and other major holidays.  Our guess is that December 21 will be one of those dates, so why not go for it.  Get packing and travel while you still can…   Oh, dare we say it: if the world does not end, remember to take out travel insurance.  Why not think positively and choose the annual multi-trip policy so that you can go travelling time and time again!

Flickr cc/Alaskan Dude

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