The financial climate is as topsy-turvy as the weather in the UK.  Instead of feeling lost and powerless over things you cannot change, why not take advantage.  Our holiday budgets are stretched to the max, but good news for Brits is that our hard-earned pound may stretch a bit further at the moment.  This might be a good time to secure holiday plans for that needed holiday outside the UK – in a country with a more predictable chance of sunshine!  A favourable exchange rate means more-getting-around-for-your-pound.

Packing wellies and multiple layers of clothing is often fun and is okay for weekends and day-trips in the UK, but when it comes to our precious annual holidays most of us prefer a guarantee of decent weather.  Despite much of the UK still officially in drought the rain has hardly stopped for weeks and who knows what sort of summer awaits.  Who wants to spend their precious paid holiday shivering and looking out through rain-streaked windows… The budget airlines’ luggage allowances are not very generous either, so warm weather destinations mean it is much easier to pack light.

If you dream of packing swimsuits and shorts and heading off for a beach holiday in  a warm Eurozone country, why not take advantage of the higher euro exchange rate.  The pound is stronger than it has been in several years – which translates into more lolly for your holiday.

If you’ve done your bucket list of countries in Europe and yearn for something different, why not take this opportunity to visit America.  The pound is also strong against the American dollar at the moment.  The U.S. has a lot to offer, whichever state you choose to visit - as well as almost guaranteed sun in many.   If you dream of visiting the popular Sunshine State (Florida), the Golden State (California) or the Grand Canyon State (Arizona) this might just be the time to do it.

Who knows whether the exchange rates will remain stable, rise or dip.  Financial gurus advise exchanging your holiday money now, while rates for the euro and dollar are reasonably good, but it is always a gamble.   If you decide on a country in the Eurozone don’t forget to apply for your European Health Insurance Card, but never use the EHIC as a substitute for comprehensive travel insurance.  Sweet dreams…

Flickr cc: Daquella manera

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