Spring is a magical time of year and we humans can only watch in awe as the miracles of nature unfold before our eyes.  Birds are busy nesting and raising their young and today we are fortunate to have the technology to witness these events firsthand. We can watch as the adult birds build their nests and lay eggs, see the eggs hatching and then the antics of feeding time.  We may even experience empty nest syndrome when the chicks fledge.  The birds, of course, are blissfully unaware of our interest and just get on with what comes naturally.  We can watch nest box cams on our computers from the comfort of our homes, or set up cameras in our own gardens.

Young animals are born with innate abilities, natural intuition and instincts that tell them what to do and how to behave to protect themselves. Depending on the species, they may need a little or a lot of prompting and training from the adults before they venture off into the wild to find their own way.

We humans may have bigger brains but that does not always make us smarter.  Our young stay in the nest longer, and, just like birds, are vulnerable and need to learn how to take care of themselves. Birds fear predation and often have to struggle to survive.  Human fledglings are sometimes targeted and preyed upon by unscrupulous predators - especially when travelling away from home.  Birds don’t need luggage for their migrations, but we do.  The thieves and scammers, magpies of the human world, conjure up many new ways to separate the unwary from their passports, money, credit cards and possessions.

If your young are travelling light we have insurance designed for them in our Backpackers policy.  Save money by skipping the cover they don’t need for luggage while maintaining top cover for the crucial and potentially expensive elements, such as medical cover, personal liability, legal costs, scheduled airline failure, exam failure, winter sports cover, etc.

Watching your young at all times with a web cam is not possible (hopefully!),  but you can stay warm in the nest and keep an eye on them via mobile phone, text, Skype and email as they venture out into the world.  Most important is to make sure they have travel insurance when they leave home.  If your youngsters are getting ready to fledge why not send them off on their travels with the gift of travel insurance.  Nothing can compare with keeping them under your wing, but insurance will at least give some needed protection - and you with peace of mind.  Unlike our feathered friends, you can count on your young returning to the nest for regular preening and feeding!

Flickr cc Image: kansasphoto

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