It is difficult to come up with new and original gift and travel ideas for the men in your life; whether it’s Father’s Day, a birthday or Christmas.  If money is tight you could start by searching voucher code sites for meal deals or travel sites for offers.

A home-cooked meal or restaurant treat is a winner with most men (we would have suggested a barbecue, but you know the British weather…)  Other ideas include a magazine subscription (gardening/bird watching/fishing/boating/cars), a voucher for a spa day and/or massage, or a new gadget or tool.  The more adventurous might enjoy a driver’s experience day at your nearest racing circuit.  Or how about tank driving, paintballing, a train/steam train ride or drivers experience, river trip, introductory flying lesson, flight simulator experience or a day at the horse races, phew…  An internet search should come up with the nearest location for any of these.  Gift vouchers are available if it’s too late to book for the special day.

Check websites such as English Heritage or the National Trust and local museums for events and specials.  If war is an interest then a Battlefield tour to France or Belgium might be a good choice and a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime treat.  The Imperial War Museum at Duxford offers all kinds of flying and military vehicle driving experiences, plus they have additional attractions around London and in Manchester.   If he is just a big kid at heart, how about including him in a family trip across the Channel to Disneyland Paris.  Let him choose his favourite method of travel: plane, train or ferry.

Father’s Day dates do vary around the world.  If you live in another country you’ll need to keep a note of the applicable date at home to avoid forgetting (same with Mother’s Day).  In more than 70 countries Father’s Day  is on the third Sunday in June, including the U.K., Ireland, U.S., Canada, France, the Netherlands, Turkey, Malta, and many Caribbean nations.  In Australia and New Zealand Father’s Day is on the first Sunday in September.  In Belgium, Portugal, Spain and Italy the date is 19 March – so hope you did not forget.  If your own father is no longer with us, you can always treat another deserving man in your life and make him feel special for a day.

If you should decide on a trip across the Channel don’t forget to take care of the boring details and apply for your EHIC.  You’ll also need travel insurance for Europe – a single trip policy is very affordable and it can be purchased online.  If you take the car over to Europe don’t risk leaving home without Breakdown cover.  If you have any suggestions for gift & travel ideas for the men in your life, please join us on Facebook or Twitter and share!

Flickr cc Image:  John5199 (Duxford Jubilee Airshow 2012)

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