As a UK resident you may not have contemplated purchasing single-trip travel insurance for your holiday within the UK (more aptly known as a ‘brollyday’ with the amount of rain we’ve had!)

The good news is that when you buy a single-trip or annual multi-trip policy your travel insurance may also cover your UK holiday.  Requirements for this vary from company to company and policy to policy, such as ‘accommodation must have been pre-booked in advance for two or more nights.’  If your holiday budget only stretches to one foreign holiday in the sun and one holiday at home in the UK, why not have value for money and the peace of mind provided by travel insurance that may also cover your UK holiday.

One of the major reasons travel insurance is so important when travelling overseas is the potential for astronomical medical expenses and the cost of medical repatriation.  After all, you like your house and would like to keep it… right?  Within the UK free healthcare is available under the NHS, so why you may ask would you need travel insurance to cover your UK holiday? Well, just as with your holidays overseas it could be affected by a number of events, such as:

  • Cancellation & Curtailment and Delayed Departure  Costs associated with booked accommodation, travel (airline/rail/coach/ferry) tickets, tickets for events or attractions, etc. if a covered event or emergency causes you to cancel your holiday, or cut short your stay.
  • Lost/Stolen Luggage  You don’t have to go abroad to lose your luggage or have it stolen, it can happen just as easily here in the UK.  You are also more likely to carry more items with you that you would not take abroad.

Whether you plan to jet off to the sun and sit on the beach under a parasol, stay in the UK with brolly close to hand – or both – remember to always keep records and receipts for everything.

Terms and conditions do apply to all insurance policies, of course, so check yours and contact us if you need further information.    Safe travels!

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