The Foreign Office has released its rather embarrassing annual report of Brits behaving badly abroad.  Statistics for April 2011 to March 2012 show that they received three percent more requests for help (19,874) than the previous year.  The largest percentage of problems involved Brits holidaying abroad in Spain, the United States and France.

The figures are sobering… with ten Britons abroad  being hospitalised every day.  Sobering is the key word here as many of the accidents and incidents are alcohol related, and many involve young people and binge drinking or some form of intoxication.

They warn that Brits holidaying overseas without travel insurance face the prospect of huge bills if things go wrong.  However, it is important to remember that travel insurance claims related to alcohol or substance abuse are often denied (this rule may vary in severity from company to company, but applies generally to all travel insurance companies and policies).  No one expects holidaymakers to abstain from drinking, but moderation is the wise option.  Obviously, no one should expect travel insurance to provide a free license to act irresponsibly.

There was a significant increase in the number of Brits being hospitalised (that the FCO knows of), with the majority being in Spain, including the popular island party destinations of Ibiza and Majorca.  There was also an increase in cases reported in Egypt, Greece, Malta and Cyprus, as well as the Philippines and Thailand.

A large number of Brits landed themselves in jail overseas, and many of these incidents were due to alcohol use or drug possession.   Hospitalisations, deaths, arrests, detentions, balcony falls, rapes, and the need for emergency travel documents due to loss or theft continue to cause problems and unexpected expense for unsuspecting travellers.

To read the full FCO report and review the PDF file, click here.

Flickr cc Image:  lordgurke

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