Packing the family and dog into the car and hitting the road for a day trip is a simple pleasure – but not a cheap one these days.  You may have seen an email that has circulated on the internet outlining tips to save money when pumping fuel.  We did some research and there are varying opinions, but the advice appears fairly sound. It could save money at the pumps. This is the gist of  it:

  • Put fuel in your car in the morning when the ground temperature is cooler.  Petrol storage tanks are below ground and fuel is denser when cool.  Fuel expands later in the day as the temperature warms up. (You want to get your full litre’s worth!) However, if your car is going to sit in the sun after you have filled up any benefits will probably be lost.
  • Avoid squeezing the pump trigger all the way.  Fill slowly.  If you pump at a fast rate vapours are just returned to the storage tanks, meaning ess fuel for your money
  •  Resist the urge to top up after the automatic shut-off. Space in the tank is necessary to allow for normal fuel evaporation. Any fuel you pump after the shut-off ends up in the atmosphere and adds to pollution
  • Top up when your tank is half full.  The theory is that less air in the tank means less evaporation of petrol as you fill.  (The underground fuel storage tanks have a floating roof to minimise the amount of air, and therefore reduce evaporation.)
  • Avoid buying fuel at a petrol station when a tanker is delivering or has just delivered fuel.  You could pick up dirt and particles stirred up in the tanks.
  • Keep your vehicle properly maintained and check tyre pressures (more on this later)

Use your common sense, of course; there’s no point driving miles out of your way to buy cheaper fuel!  We’ll be posting more motoring tips soon.

If you have any feedback on the above please leave a message on our Vehicle Rescue Direct Facebook page or on Twitter.  Don’t forget to protect your motoring with breakdown cover.  Happy motoring!

Flickr cc:  dumbledad

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