Most of our team here at TIA have visited Venice and some love it so much they have visited multiple times. One thing we all agree on about Venice: there is so much to see and do that you will probably want to return again and again (no wonder it’s always busy!)  There’s no way to avoid the crowds, especially if you wish to experience the major events and celebrations.  However, if you’ve been there, done that, and crowds bother you, you’d probably prefer to avoid the busiest times.  Here’s a reminder of some major Venice events and dates:

  • Venice Film Festival  – late August/early September
  • Regata Storica (Historic Regatta) – first Sunday in September
  • Venice Biennale – as the name suggests, held every two years during odd years (the next being 2013). Events run from June through November.
  • Venice Carnival – Usually during February, but the date varies depending on Easter. Ends on Shrove ‘Fat’ Tuesday
  • Festa del Redentore -  third weekend in July (fireworks on Saturday evening)
  • Venice Jazz Festival – late July/early August

Dates vary from year to year so always check before you book.

Even if you visit during the busiest times, we have found that Venice has so many quiet streets and alleys to explore on foot that you can always find some peace and serenity somewhere.

During the winter months there are still plenty of events going on but fewer tourists.  However, be aware that during winter you are more likely to experience the Acqua Alta (high tides) and flooding.  An internet search will bring up information on tide forecasts for Venice so you can check the dates for predicted high tides. From experience, we enjoyed wandering about Venice in wellies.  St. Mark’s Square looks quite different when viewed from the temporary raised wooden walkways.

To help you decide which Venice events and dates to choose we suggest visiting Venice tourist websites, live webcams of Venice, plus search You tube to see video records of past Venice events.

On our last trip to Venice we saw an unfortunate elderly female tourist lose her footing as she tried to board a traghetto (gondola ferry).  She appeared to have swallowed a lot of water, so let’s hope she was okay and had Travel Insurance.   Buon Viaggio!

Flickr cc: Chiara Marra

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