A recent news report has stirred up a lot of debate. A family had to pay more than £200 in fees to a budget airline because they did not print their return flight boarding passes. This is an unfortunate example of how failing to read small print is potentially costly.

Yes, a fine of  €60 per person is an awful lot of money for a family to come up with.  Who wouldn’t be steaming mad!  In this particular case, according to reports, the family booked a 15 day holiday and the return boarding passes could not be printed outside 14 days, meaning they were unable to print them before they departed. They had confirmation of the flights stored on a phone but that was insufficient for the airline, who charged the steep per person fees to issue return boarding passes.

Obviously, most people sympathise with the family.  However, there are conflicting comments posted on various websites from people who point out that the airline clearly stated in its terms and conditions the requirement to print out boarding passes, as well as the fee for failing to comply.

It all comes down to the ‘small print’ and terms and conditions.  It is boring and time-consuming to read but, as this particular case illustrates, failing to do so is potentially very costly.

All travel insurance policies contain terms and conditions so we would like to remind you that it is important to read them. If you have any questions try our FAQ section, or give us a call.

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