Ski insurance normally covers things like lost ski days due to piste closure, avalanche closure or lack of snow (at a low altitude resort), but it is unlikely to compensate you for lost ski days due to sore muscles because you didn’t bother to Tune Up for Ski Season!

All the signs are here: wind and rain blowing away all traces of summer, Southern Hemisphere skiers migrating north, skeins of geese filling the skies, shops filling with Halloween and Christmas goodies… Groan all you like, but you might as well give in and let your thoughts turn to snow. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the winter, whether you ski here at home in the UK or at a winter sports destination in Europe, North America or elsewhere.  However, it’s important to stay in shape if you want to get the most out of your ski holiday.

It’s not just your skis, board and equipment that need a tune-up for the new season.  Having a routine of stretching, warming up and exercising throughout the year is no secret and a no-brainer among experienced skiers and boarders.  Beginners may not even know that they have ski muscles until after they hit the slopes and it’s too late.

It’s been a several years since my first ski holiday but I still recall the aches and pains and, oh yes, the frustration…  Take my advice and start tuning up your muscles now, otherwise your over-enthusiastic first day or two may turn into wasted ski days spent watching with envy as your mates or family disappear up the lifts, leaving you limping about feeling sorry for yourself.  With any luck you’ll have access to a hot tub where you can soak and soothe your sore muscles.

There are plenty of ways to tune up your body for ski season and get some confidence-building experience under your belt.  If you are new to the sport and wondering where to start, try searching online for instruction videos or join a gym and ask for pointers on the best machines to use for ski muscles.  Beginners, intermediates and expert skiers all benefit from using an artificial or real snow ski slope.  There are a number of indoor ski slopes scattered around the UK so there is probably one near you, unless you live somewhere very remote.  Beginners can get a head start by learning basic techniques such as snow plough and wedge turns.  Popular indoor ski slopes in the UK include SNO!zone, SnowDome, and Snow Centre.

Join us on Facebook and Twitter and share your tips and advice on how you Tune Up for Ski Season.  We shouldn’t need to remind you how important it is to protect yourself with ski insurance!   Ski season will be here soon, so get busy…  JB

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