Why not get in the mood early this year and travel to a festive European Christmas Market! The shops at home are filling up with Christmas goods so there’s no escape from it. Some forward planning could transform the usual shopping nightmare into a memorable trip.  Invite someone special to go with you and join in the fun.

We have compiled a list of a few of our favourite Christmas Market destinations to get you started, or you could choose another beautiful European city such as Rome or Venice.  What could be better than strolling through one of Italy’s famous piazzas…

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!  Do you really want to face another stressful Christmas Eve elbowing your way down your local high street in the rain and cold? Wouldn’t a leisurely stroll down one of Europe’s historic boulevards or cobblestone streets (perhaps with real snow) be much more magical and unforgettable?  Along the way you may just pick up some unusual gifts and stocking stuffers to impress your family and friends.

PS:  If you are not covered by your annual multi-trip travel insurance a single trip policy is very affordable!

Flickr cc: Dave_B_ (Christmas Market, Prague)

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