Holiday insurance and cancellation risk is a subject that comes up all too often…

Many holidaymakers are in the habit of booking exotic holidays many months ahead and then sit back and savour the anticipation as the departure date nears.  Problems arise when purchase of holiday insurance is left until the last minute, and sometimes as late as on the way to the airport!  What many travellers do not realise is that without having holiday insurance in place from the time a holiday is booked and paid for, they run the risk of losing money if an unforseen event causes cancellation.

Be smart and take out Single Trip insurance for your holiday as soon as you book.  With  annual multi-trip insurance start the policy as soon as you book your first trip, otherwise you will not be covered for cancellation.  The financial losses associated with cancellation: flights, hotel/accommodation, car rental and booked activities are likely to far outweigh the cost of travel insurance.

Take your holiday planning seriously and don’t delay – take out holiday insurance immediately upon booking your next trip.  If the plane has to leave without  you at least you’ll have cancellation cover to minimise out-of-pocket expenses for covered claims.

Flickr cc Image: Marcin Wichary

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