Bumper Holiday Monday is the day when millions look for ways to beat the January blues.  With the tinsel and fairy lights packed away for another year, it’s no surprise that back-to-work Monday sends sun-starved Brits into a frenzy of holiday planning.

Monday, 7th January with its cold, damp weather and short days is enough to depress the most optimistic among us.  Many workers commute in the dark and return home in the dark.  Official ‘Blue Monday’ is not until 21 January – so, sorry to rub it in, but that’s still a couple of weeks away!  No wonder tomorrow is a bumper day for holiday bookings. We need something to look forward to.

Whether your holiday plans include a trip to pristine ski slopes, a backpacker adventure in Southeast Asia, or lying on a sun-drenched tropical beach, it is important to take out holiday Insurance.  Deciding which policy to choose can be daunting…

Insurance choices include: Single Trip, One Way Trip, Annual Multi-trip, Backpacker insurance,  Ski/Snowboarding/Ski Season insurance, Motorcyclists’ travel insurance and Golf travel insurance.  (Single and Annual policies include travel within the UK when accommodation is pre-booked for two or more nights.)  Plus, kids go free on many policies!  That should make you smile.

Here are a few tips to help with your choice:

Single Trip Policy   If you are fairly certain that you will only take one major holiday this year, then Single Trip insurance is for you.  It is cheap but great value for money and comes with excellent levels of medical and hospital care, as well as emergency dental care.  It also covers repatriation (to bring you back to the UK by air ambulance). Single Trip insurance includes cover for common, and serious, holiday mishaps that are also covered under the annual policy.

Annual Multi-trip Policy  If you know, or even suspect, that you will take more than one trip in the next year then you would be wise to save money by opting for the Annual Multi-trip policy.  It should work out cheaper than paying for single-trip insurance each time you go away.

Ski Insurance  Includes a choice of Single Trip or Annual Multi-trip policies with cover for skiing and snowboarding activities.

Backpacker Insurance includes cover for younger travellers (up to age 45) travelling ‘light’ without much luggage, as well as Long-stay ski season insurance, gap year and student insurance.  You still get great levels of cover.  Why pay for cover you don’t need.

Travel Insurance for motorcyclists travelling or touring through Europe.  Includes the added benefit of cover for medical expenses following a motorcycle accident.

Full details and terms and conditions of all the above policies are set out  in the Policy Documents.  Remember to declare any pre-existing medical conditions.

Cheer up… Imagine your ideal getaway and let your dreams take flight!

Flickr cc Image:  exfordy

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