Now that we have your attention, that is a very good question! Are scooter rentals covered under Holiday Insurance?  If you don’t know the answer and plan to hire a scooter, moped, motorcycle or quad bike on your next beach holiday or gap-year adventure you need to find out.  Rentals are readily available at many tourist destinations around the world and are popular with younger travellers and backpackers, especially throughout Asia.  Many of us have ridden these vehicles at some point on a holiday and, yes, it is a lot of fun. Hands up who didn’t bother to check their holiday insurance first. Okay, that’s probably most of us, but we were young….  That’s no excuse!  We were just lucky that nothing bad happened.

What many travellers fail to realise is that in most countries the law requires the wearing of a helmet, and often protective clothing as well;  most insurers also require this.  Okay, it does spoil the fun somewhat; we’d all prefer to just hop aboard and take off with the wind in our hair, but it’s not worth the risk. Breaking the law by not wearing a helmet could get you into trouble with the local police.  Far worse though, if you are involved in an accident and  injured while riding on one of these vehicles without a helmet you may find that your travel insurance is invalidated for related claims.  It’s not just the cost of  medical treatment either; depending on the policy, your insurance may have also covered you for repatriation, personal accident, personal liability and legal expenses.  Losing this valuable cover is potentially a very costly mistake!

Don’t wait until it’s too late.  If you don’t understand any section of your travel or backpacker insurance policy it is important to call the company and ask for an explanation.  Obviously, just as at home, you must avoid drinking or using any intoxicating substances before you climb aboard a vehicle.  Research your destination and check the updated travel advice on the Foreign Office website.  Be aware that your consulate or embassy is not going to pay your bills if you fail to take out insurance!  The responsibility is all yours.  What would you do if you were in a hospital in Thailand after a moped accident, with broken bones and no insurance – or your claims were denied because you broke the law and failed to wear a helmet?  Fast forward ahead in your mind to the embarrassing scenario of having to call home to family and friends and ask them for money to pay for your hospital bills and an air ambulance home.

Don’t let this happen to you.  You can kick-start your scooter or moped, but don’t end up kicking yourself if the worst should happen.  Safe travels.

Flickr cc: palindrome6996  (rental scooters: Santorini)

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