Where in the world is Mum?  More important: when is Mother’s Day where she is?  Mother’s Day falls on different dates around the world so it’s important to avoid mixing up the dates and missing her special day.  With so many families split up and scattered around the globe these days it is often confusing and hard to keep track.

In case you forgot:

  • March 10 2013 is Mother’s Day (also called Mothering Sunday) in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Nigeria and Bangladesh

It’s all too easy to forget the date if Mum has moved to another country, or you are living in another country.   You’ll need to look it up each year and make a note because the dates also often change from year to year.  For example, if mum is in the UK and you’ve moved to the US there is a risk that you’ll forget the UK date – and she’ll never forgive you!  The hype and advertising for Mother’s Day cards and gifts in the US (which is in mid-May) is long after the UK date has passed…  (By the way, if your mum is in Norway let’s hope you remembered because Mother’s Day was back in February.)

Here’s a sample of just a few other 2013 Mother’s Day dates around the world:

  • 8 March:  Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine  (Friday 8 March 2013 is also International Women’s Day)
  • 25 March:  Slovenia
  • 21 March:  Egypt, Saudi Arabia
  • 5 May:   Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Lithuania
  • 12 May:  (the most popular date) Belgium, Italy, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, South Africa, Zimbabwe and India
  • 26 May:  Poland, France, Sweden

Once you have it figured out the next problem is to decide whether it’s best to remember her on the date that it’s celebrated in the country where she now resides, or the date in her home country – if they are different.  Well, it’s up to you but you wouldn’t want her to feel left out.  Why not play it safe and spoil her twice!

If you plan to pay her a visit for Mother’s Day remember to do the sensible thing and take out travel insurance for your trip.  You’ll make her so proud!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Flickr cc image: tai strietman (mother and child)

The above dates are from various sources on the internet and correct to the best of our knowledge, but please double-check.

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