Happy St Patrick’s Day and safe travels to all our Irish friends – and friends of the Irish.  St Patrick’s Day celebrations and festivities are kicking off all over the world.

Dublin is the place of choice for many, but there are plenty of other cities and destinations in Ireland and throughout the world that will be putting on a grand and green party.  Buildings, attractions, monuments and rivers turn green across the globe in celebration. If you can’t be at home in Ireland don’t turn green with envy, just find a celebration and some craic close to you.

London hosts its annual festivities on Sunday with a colourful parade followed by a festival in Trafalgar Square with traditional Irish dancing, comedy, food, films and all sorts of Irish fun.  Events are also planned at dozens of pubs and restaurants around the city.

They’ll be celebrating in Auckland, Boston (US), Brussels, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Chicago, Munich, New York, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, the Caribbean – and many more places around the world.

If you are travelling away from home and celebrating in another country remember to go easy on the green beer and cocktails. Not wishing to dampen your spirits… just sending a friendly leprechaun to remind you that travel insurance and green beer do not mix well!  Terms and conditions regarding consumption of alcohol and intoxication vary from company to company, so, before you go off with the fairies check your policy.

You may not believe in leprechauns now but a few too many of those green beers or cocktails could change all that.  Have fun!

Flickr cc  Image:  Rev Stan

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