Holiday Insurance and Travel Emergency Numbers are an important part of travel planning.  Are you busy booking a sun and sand holiday, ski trip, business conference, sporting event, or gap year adventure? Before you set off, take the time to research the country emergency numbers for your destination – it could literally save a life. The new Euro-wide emergency number is 112.

We always recommend a visit to the website of the Foreign Office (FCO) ‘Know Before You Go’ campaign for updated travel advice, as well as information and emergency contact numbers for the nearest consulate or embassy at your holiday destination. Store the numbers in your mobile phone and keep a written record with your travel insurance and other documents.  Don’t wait until an emergency happens to do this; there’s nothing worse than being in a panic and not knowing what to do. A life could be at stake and minutes count.  Ensure that all children travelling in your party are aware and show them how to call the number.

The new Europe-wide SOS free emergency number ‘112’ has been in use for several years but many travellers are still unaware of it.  Multi-lingual operators are on hand 24/7 on the 112 number to answer calls in all EU Member States.  This number is the best way to reach ambulance, police and fire services.  (In the UK the old 999 emergency number also works, as well as 112.)  The 112 number is also in use by several countries outside the EU, such as Turkey, Croatia, Switzerland, Montenegro and South Africa.  Again, check this before you leave home.  For information about 112 click here.

In an emergency be ready to give information of your location, your name and phone number, explanation of the problem, how many people are involved, and if there is any danger to rescuers.

This is (or should be) obvious:  Emergency operators are not there to give non-urgent help, provide weather forecasts, or help you find your glasses!

Note:  Your holiday insurance policy also has an emergency assistance number to call for accidents, illness, injury or hospitalization.  However, you should always dial 112 or the emergency number for the country to reach emergency ambulance, fire and police services.  Safe travels!

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