Don’t forget Family Holiday Insurance for your Easter trips and travels.

So much for Spring flowers and warm sunshine to thaw us out from what has been a very long and cold winter… Here in the UK we are still in the depths of it, with sub-zero temperatures, enormous snowdrifts, icy roads and travel chaos.

It’s no wonder the travel industry anticipates that millions of sun-starved Brits will flee our frozen island this Easter for some much-needed sun and sand in warmer places like the Canary Islands, Turkey, Florida and the Caribbean.

Luckily, our family friendly annual travel insurance is perfect to cover the family, with dependent children covered free of charge.  If the kids are travelling separately – such as on a school trip – they are still covered under the policy taken out by their parents.  Annual insurance will also save you money by providing cover for your summer holidays and other trips throughout the year.

Many travellers are unaware that cheap holiday insurance also includes cover for trips closer to home.  Policies cover trips within your ‘country of domicile’ when accommodation has been pre-booked for two or more nights. This is worth having if you are just taking a short hop to visit family for Easter.  The chances are that nothing will go wrong, but travel mishaps are just as likely to happen at home as abroad.

Have a cracking time – and safe travels!

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