Can’t Afford a Ski Holiday or Ski Insurance? Think Again!

Skier in Red Jacket enjoying alpine slopes, make sure to Ski insurance for your holiday this year

ABTA survey results released yesterday show that increasing numbers of travellers from the UK are not purchasing travel insurance for their ski trips.

To get a full picture of whether this trend exists elsewhere, we contacted Irish Ski insurance providers and asked them what trends they had seen from Irish holiday makers buying ski insurance for the 2013-14 ski season. revealed that from speaking with regular customers they have noticed that the most important consideration is saving money and needing to choose between a winter or summer  holiday for 2013-14. The summer holiday came out as first choice.

Their data revealed an increase in regular customers who would not be purchasing Wintersports cover along with their Single Trip or Annual Multi Trip insurance. The change in buying behavior is an economic choice. Many who would normally add Wintersports cover have said they simply cannot afford a ski trip this winter.

When it comes down to choice it is clear that sunny beaches win hands down over snowy ski slopes. The cost of ski insurance alone is not the problem; it’s the overall perceived cost of a ski holiday.

The choice to forgo a winter ski trip is not surprising considering the state of the economy, but what a shame!  Perhaps it is worth another look to see whether a winter escape is really out of the question.

In our opinion skiers and boarders should not give up on their passion so easily.  Why not spend some time researching to find the cheapest flights and accommodation, and cheaper lift passes at less popular or lower altitude resorts.

How to find some great Ski Deals From Ireland For This Winter

We checked in with Irish ski holiday provider Crystal Ski on Twitter @crystalski to see if they could point out any good deals for the remainder of this year and 2014.  They suggested Slovenia as a cost-effective alternative to more well-known ski destinations.

Our tips:  Avoid peak booking times around Christmas and school holidays. Forget the glitzy resorts in the Swiss Alps and Rockies.  Instead seek out smaller and lesser known destinations, and look for accommodation in towns away from – but preferably linked to – the main resorts. Be creative!  Avoid Klosters and Aspen.  Think Slovenia, Bosnia, Finland, Norway or a resort on the East Coast or Midwest of the U.S.

Crystal Ski picked out three destinations in Slovenia for Irish ski fans to look at. You can check them out on the Crystal Ski Site.

Screen shot of the Crystal Ski Web site showing Slovenian destinations for 2013-14

Check the site for latest prices & availability

Families restricted to travel during school holidays should remember to check school  holiday dates in Europe as they often differ from UK dates from year to year.  If your destination  is North America, check that your trip does not clash with high-demand U.S. Federal or State public holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Presidents Day.  Time spent researching could translate into significant savings.

When added to travel insurance policies, Wintersports cover for European and Worldwide travel includes skiing, snowboarding and many other activities such as cross-country, sledging and tubing.  Major benefits include medical expenses up to £10 million, 24-hour emergency help line, mountain rescue/air ambulance, emergency medical repatriation, cancellation/curtailment and airline failure. Cover also includes hired or owned ski or snowboard equipment, avalanche piste closure, and much more. As always, it is important to check the terms and conditions of any policy to see exactly what is and is not covered. If unsure don’t leave it to chance, always call us and ask for advice.

Most important: Don’t be tempted to forgo ski insurance! The small saving could mean financial disaster if something goes wrong – especially a medical accident or emergency. It is important to have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) when travelling in Europe, but never use it as a substitute for travel/ski insurance. The EHIC does not cover medical expenses if you end up in a private hospital (and you may not have a choice), nor does it cover the cost of mountain rescue or repatriation if, heaven forbid, you should need it.  Those costs are usually horrendously high.

Irish citizens with private health insurance can take advantage of further savings of 25% off the cost of their insurance policy with Travel Insurance Direct Ireland.  See their Contact details below.

Travel Insurance Direct Ireland

Dedicated Holiday Travel insurance Provider For Ireland

6-9 Trinity Street, Dublin, Dublin 2, Eire.   Phone: 01 633 0000

If You Cant Get Away This Winter To Ski There Are Alternatives In Ireland

For those in Ireland who love to ski there are snow slope options just south of Dublin. The Ski Club of Ireland  has a range of classes and practice sessions available to either get ready for your ski holiday or just because you can’t make the slopes this year. The best part is all the equipment is free to use and included as part of your session price.

night shot of the dry slope at Ski club of ireland just south of Dublin

UK skiers can stay in shape and tuned-up by taking advantage of the many indoor and outdoor ski slopes, or consider whether a ski trip to Scotland is an affordable option.   Whatever you choose to do, have fun and ski safely!

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